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Established in 1930, our recipes and brewing techniques are a time-honoured tradition that have been passed down through the generations. Only the finest raw ingredients are used to brew our fine ales and lagers. Our line up of products includes our world-famous Fort Garry Dark, Fort Garry Light, Fort Garry Pale Ale, Fort Garry Rouge and Frontier Pilsner.

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Richard Hoeschen

Founder, Fort Garry Brewing

"When I restored Fort Garry Brewing in 1994, I knew I wanted to use only the finest raw ingredients to brew our modern fine ales and lagers, as well as resurrect my great-great-grandfather's recipes and brewing techniques that have been passed down through the generations. As you sit around the table with your friends and family, I hope you enjoy the delicious beers that he and I worked so hard to develop, and the many more revolutionary beers to come."

Legends Never Die

For some people, the old saying means that singular stories are immortal, written in stone. At Fort Garry Brewing, we know that legends never die because they’re constantly being retold, reshaped, and remade — passed down through generations and true to their roots.

Our province. Our people. Our beer.

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