Legends Never Die: Hoeschen's Eleven Double IPA

Hoeschen's Eleven can.

Hoeschen's Eleven pays tribute to the late Richard Hoeschen and his team of eleven who in 1994 re-established Fort Garry Brewing, which was founded by his great grandfather B.W. Hoeschen in 1930.
Richard and the Hoeschen family continue to be an inspiration to the staff at the brewery today, and with this beer Richard, WE SALUTE YOU.

Hoeschen's Eleven can. Tasting notes.

"We double dry hopped it, so its just full of aroma and a lot of citrus flavour. Higher ABV, higher IBU. We just threw in much more hops than we have thrown in any other beer here for awhile."

- Josh Berscheid, Head Brewer


Tasting Notes

This double red IPA showcases citra and cascade hops that were dry hopped late for an intense aroma that showcases citrus, floral, pine characteristics. Crystal and roasted malts produce a clean malty sweetness in the background of this flavourful yet balanced beer.

Hoeschen's Eleven will be released in



Style | Red Double IPA
ABV | 7.5%
IBU | 45 

Ingredients | Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast
Hops | Cascade & Citra 

Notes: Intense aroma of citrus, floral, and pine. Clean malty sweetness.


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