Historic picture of the Fort Garry Brewing Company Location Fort Garry Beer Bottle

Our Story

Fort Garry Brewing Company

Is Manitoba's Oldest Microbrewery.

Established in 1930, our recipes and brewing techniques are a time honoured tradition that have been passed down through the generations. Only the finest raw ingredients are used to brew our fine ales and lagers. Our line up of products includes our world-famous Fort Garry Dark, Fort Garry Light, Fort Garry Pale Ale, Fort Garry Rouge and Frontier Pilsner.

Fort Garry also distributes brands in Manitoba for our sister brewery in British Columbia, Russell Brewing Company. Fort Garry Brewing and Russell Brewing Company are wholly owned subsidiaries of Russell Breweries Inc. (TSX.V:RB).

Historical Timeline

1930 · Fort Garry Brewing Company was established by B.W. Hoeschen. At that time, the company produced two brands which included: Frontier Beer and Frontier Stout. Frontier Beer gained recognition and it won 'best in its class' in a competition in England against other Commonwealth breweries.

1960 · Fort Garry Brewing was sold to Molson and in June of 1961 the name of the brewery was incorporated as Molson's Fort Garry Brewery Co.

1990 · Molson merged with Carling-Okeefe and the closed the facility that was once called Fort Garry Brewing.

1999 · Richard Hoeschen, great-great grandson of the original owner and president, John Hoeschen Sr., resurrected the brewery under the original Fort Garry name. In addition to resurrecting the "Frontier Pilsner" brand, he introduced a family of full-flavoured beers into the market and people loved them. To keep up with growing demand, Hoeschen moved the brewery to 130 Lowson Cresent where in 1998, a new 25,000 square foot facility was built to house new equipment and poise the brewery for future growth.

2001 · Sadly, Richard Hoeschen passed away in September. Under his leadership, Fort Garry had become a popular household brand name in Manitoba.

2006 · While in Winnipeg, the President of Russell Brewing in BC, sampled his first taste of Fort Garry Dark and fell in love with the beer. Captivated by the quality of the product and the enormous pride that Manitobans had in this beer, he saw a similarity between Fort Garry in MB and Russell Brewing in BC.

2007 · Fort Garry Brewing amalgamated with Russell Brewing Company with the goal of building on the legacy of original Fort Garry brewery by instilling the passion originally brought to the brewery by the Hoeschen family.

2011 · Fort Garry Brewing launches the Brewmaster Series a group of limited edition small-batch beers released in large 650ml bottles. Beers and ales that explore the boundaries of craft beer making. The first of the series is Munich Eisbock a full, creamy Munich Malt that instantly captures the attention of the Canadian Craft brewing community.

2012 · A big year for the brewery that sees futher addtions to the Fort Garry Brewmaster Series with the launch of Kona Imperial Stout, Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale and St. Nick's Porter. Kona Imperial Stout captures a silver medal in the Canadian Brewing Awards.

2013 · Fort Garry Portage and Main IPA is released. A unique IPA on the Canadian Craft Beer landscape: it's the first of its kind to feature the use of Manitoba Flower Hops. Portage and Main IPA is a tribute to Canada's most famous intersection and Winnipeg's streetcar commuter rail era. Portage and Main IPA gets strong postive reactions from both reviewers and Fort Garry Brewing customers.